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Best Foot Forward


Best Foot Forward assists health plans to achieve improved member engagement performance, enhancing member care and health plan financial success.

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Who We Are

Best Foot Forward is based in South Florida, with offices in Chicago. Best Foot Forward works with health care organizations — primarily government insurance Managed Care health plans — to help them re-establish contact and connect with their hard-to-reach, high-utilization, or target-risk group members. Best Foot Forward does this to engage these members in better utilizing their existing insurance coverage, thus improving health outcomes and Health Plan effectiveness. Best Foot Forward also helps Health Plans manage their process for welcoming newly enrolled members, as often contact information is spotty or inaccurate when provided by the state. By providing health engagement solutions that are carefully customized and designed, Best Foot Forward assists health plans to meet key performance metrics and enhance member engagement, patient education and financial results. With easy-to-follow processes that help members better utilize their existing coverage, we can improve healthcare outcomes, while also supporting Health Plans to boost not only their HEDIS scores but their financial bottom-lines as well. A true win-win for all.

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Our Approach

Offering personalized solutions to help health plans improve the quality of their services by fostering an effective communication pathway to their members:

• Benefit Utilization
• Case Management
• Disease Management
• Managed Behavioral Healthcare
• Wellness & Health Promotion

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The Medicaid Challenge

Most Medicaid health plans have a large percentage of their member population that is hard to reach with no means of communicating with them. As a result of bad phone numbers, emails, and mailing addresses on file, plans can no longer communicate with their members. With limited communication, a member’s health care suffers from diminished preventive care and important medical prescriptions not being prescribed or refilled. This situation is negatively compounded in non-human costs as well, with pricey emergency room and hospital visits increasing, which significantly impacts Health Plan’s efficiencies, objectives, and results.

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