Best Foot Forward (BFF), a health resource management firm specializing in member engagement services, is proud to announce its recent affiliation as a new member/partner/business associate with two leading national healthcare associations — Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA) and as a Preferred Vendor with the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP). MHPA represents the interests of the Medicaid managed care industry through advocacy and research to support innovative policies that enhance the delivery of comprehensive, cost-effective, and quality healthcare for Medicaid enrollees; ACAP represents health plans that service their members through Medicaid, Medicare, and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and collectively provide health coverage to more than 20 million people.

“Best Foot Forward is thrilled to become members of both these exceptional organizations and looks forward to becoming active participants,” explains Byron C. Dennis, co-CEO/partner of Best Foot Forward. “Our company works with health care organizations — primarily government insurance Managed Care health plans — to help them re-establish contact with existing members and connect with new members, hard-to-reach, high-utilization, or target-risk group enrollees. Because MHPA and ACAP provide so much valuable assistance in helping their health plan members better serve Medicaid beneficiaries, this is just a perfect fit for us. We’re honored to work together for common goals.”

Founded in 2009, Best Foot Forward provides quality and comprehensive member engagement services for today’s MCOs. Headquartered in South Florida, with offices in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, BFF uses its innovative “Locate, Educate and Engage” approach to help identify and then reconnect managed care members with plan providers.

With an industry standard of Medicaid payors not being able to contact some 30% to 60% of their members, BFF provides a true fix that helps address quality gaps measured by HEDIS scores and other state and federal performance metrics.
“At Best Foot Forward, we fully understand that when insurance providers are unable to make contact with a significant portion of their Medicaid/Medicare member population, then they’re unable to offer their services and improve health outcomes,” explains Dennis. “To resolve this, we have designed a comprehensive strategy that encompasses an amazing assortment of tools that garners unprecedented results at affordable prices. On average, we engage over 50% of the assigned members. No other firm can make those types of substantiated claims.”

“The simple fact is that health plans can’t manage their members’ care without engaging with them,” states Rich Dudley, Best Foot Forward’s other co-CEO/Partner. “We have a notable and successful track record of locating and engaging with health plan members. BFF enables the fulfilment of the managed care vision.”

Best Foot Forward (BFF), a certified minority-owned business, is headquartered in South Florida, with offices in Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania. BFF’s mission is to provide integrated programs using insight-driven solutions that focus on delivering a clear process to connect, communicate, and assist managed care members and plan providers.