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Best Foot Forward Reaches a Special Milestone – Hires its 100th Employee

Best Foot Forward (BFF), a health resource management firm specializing in helping government-insured managed care health plans, announced today it just brought on board its 100th active employee. The firm, founded in 2009, has been growing at a rapid clip over the last couple of years — despite the challenges of doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re very proud of this achievement,” explains BFF co-CEO Rich Dudley. “For any small business, this is a major milestone.” Byron Dennis, BFF’s other co-CEO, agrees. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the rate Best Foot Forward is growing and our ability to bring new employment opportunities to these local communities.”

Best Foot Forward’s mission is to assist health care organizations and government-insurance payors to first locate, re-establish contact, and then connect them to their new members or with their hard-to-reach, high-utilization, or target-risk group members. BFF is known within the health management industry for having a best-in-class success rate of 50% in reconnecting to what is referred to as ‘Unable to Contact’ members.

A majority of the employees BFF has brought on board is to man its Call Centers. Just this past May, BFF opened a brand-new Call Center outside of Chicago to expand and enhance its already successful engagement services and to consolidate the entire team into one prime location for more efficient, centralized calling. The employee who has the honor of becoming the 100th hire is Tanzyanika Hampton, who works at this Hillside, IL Call Center location, which is operated by Best Foot Forward Solution Services (BFFSS), a division of Best Foot Forward Sales.

BFFSS President Lennette Roberts was a part of the recent celebration to acknowledge the BFF milestone and to celebrate. “We’re so pleased to have Tanzyanika on board, as well as all of our BFFSS team members, many of whom have been working remotely recently. We expanded last spring into this new facility, because we outgrew our last space. Now we’re ready to begin hiring even more workers and work to reach our next employment goal,” says Roberts.
Dudley and Dennis explained that they still have room to grow as they fulfill the BFF motto to: ‘Locate, Educate, and Engage.’ “Our journey continues as we put our own ‘best foot forward’ into a new and exciting era for us,” said Dennis.

Best Foot Forward (BFF), a certified minority-owned business, is headquartered in South Florida, with offices in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. BFF’s mission is to provide integrated programs using insight-driven solutions that focus on delivering a clear process to connect, communicate, and assist managed care members and plan providers.

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